Tourist attractions in Kampar can be used as a stopover for travelers who come from other regions because Kampar is a destination that is quite calculated today. The various places are as follows.


1. Green River

The Green River is located in Salo village, Kampar District. Why is this river called Green River? This is due to the trees that looks greenish and the flow of the river is clear because of the appearance of algae and moss that is in the water. The Green River is a small river that has very clear water and many are filled by small stones in the base. So, the rocks that are in them are easy to see. Water grass that is on the riverbank and the moss that grows on some small rocks makes this one river look increasingly green.

Well, to get to this place, actually it is not difficult. It only takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes if you use a four-wheeled vehicle. If you want to be faster, then you can use two-wheeled vehicles.

2. Gulamo River

For you who are a traveller, then this place is a must visit. This is because the river Gulamo has its own uniqueness, the uniqueness is that you will see and witness the beauty of the river that is so enchanting. In fact, this tourist spot is also called the Green Canyon of Kampar because it is very similar like Green Canyon which is located in West Java.

When you get to this place, you will see the natural beauty that is so beautiful. Guaranteed, the trip to Gulamo River will be very enjoyable and will not get bored. To get to this place, you can start from the city of Pekanbaru and go to Bridge 1 in the village of Tanjung Alai. For the time itself is about 2 hours drive. From here, you will take a boat or boat ride to the Gulamo River.

3. Ulu Kasok

Many say that this is the king of Ampat KW that is in Kampar. If you've seen a photo of the panorama, then you won't mind the mention. The peak of Kasok is the most favorite place by tourists. Because of this, the tourists can see the beauty of the beautiful as in Raja Ampat. Obviously, this kasok is very suitable for the traveller because it is quite challenging the guts to go here, especially for those of you who rarely climb hills.

4. Waterfall Rod Cotton

Riau itself has many waterfalls, so it is not surprising if it is called the city of Thousand waterfalls. One of the waterfalls that you can visit is the waterfall of this cotton rod. The location is located in Lubuk Bigau Village, Kampar, Kiri Hulu, Kampar. The waterfall of cotton rod is the highest waterfall in central Sumatra, has a height of approximately 150 m. When viewed from a distance, the waterfall of this one looks so magnificent with white rocks. In addition, you can enjoy the tranquility of nature that is still so beautiful and natural accompanied by the sound of thundering water. Surely this will be a very enjoyable experience for you. If you really like the challenge, you can also do camping around the waterfall area.

5. Tuluk Jering

Tuluk Jering is a small village located on the banks of the Kampar River. It has an exotic view of the river banks that resemble the sand of the lips and the green grass that can refresh the eyes. In addition, the area is also called the Sand of love because the sand that lies around the area is so white and clean as the sand on the beach. It is suitable for you who want to travel with your closest relatives. There is also a banana boat for you who want to explore further the beauty of the Kampar River. The location itself is in Teluk Jering Love Beach, Mines, Kampar District, Riau.

6. Propeller Rimbang

The propeller Rimbang can also be used as an alternative to your travelling when in Kampar. The forest condition in the propeller Rimbang is still very natural, this can be seen from the lined that are still in the meeting, the Wealth of animals and its life is still abundant, there are even many rare animals in the forest of this baling rimbang. You can feel the tranquility by doing Camping in it.
This propeller is also lined with Subayang River and has clean water and very clear. Having a RIPG current is certainly very suitable for conducting body rafting and rafting activities. In addition, you can also go around to see the natural beauty of this baling by riding the community boats around. Surely your time will not be boring.


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